me and my wife went to her moms cabin this past weekend. we were all getting ready to go down to the beach and my mother in law was sitting on a step putting sun tan location on her legs and her legs were spread open and i could see her pussy. i got hard and turned around to adjust it and turned back around and i could still see it and by then her sister had noticed too and told her. well she immediately looked at me and saw that i was looking and i made it obvious because i looked away real fast. she said " were you looking did you see my snatch" it was all a joke and everybody laughed because i was embarrassed i was just glad they didn't notice i was hard but i found out later that my mother in law did notice. we were down at the beach for about a half an hour until i had to go back to the cabin i had been thinking about it the whole time and i had to jack off. i told my wife that i was gonna go take a nap and get out of the sun and i went back and right away started jacking off. not even 5 min later my mother in law walked in on me. she said how did i know you were going to be doing this i saw you were hard when you saw me. she shut the door and locked it and took off her bathing suit and i saw it all. she has this apple shape to her like slim legs and a heavy torso which is hot to me for some reason, and she has a fupa that was hanging over and a fat pussy i couldn't stand it i wanted to fuck and i figured she did too but she just said im gonna take a nap too i guess you can see me undress since you saw the downstairs today. mean while m still hard and had covered up with a sheet. then she looked at me and was like you know what do you wanna have sex real quick? i was like umm yea i do ha. she was like ok but we gotta make it quick and she climbed on top of me and immediately put my dick in her. i thought it was going to be quick because i was already so worked up but we had sex for a good 15 min. it was amazing and she said i could cum inside her and i did. best day of my life by far she said i could use more of that sometime and i told her anytime she wanted to i was down. i hope we get another chance soon i keep on thinking about it and its driving me crazy.
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